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Eric Johnson

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Hard-to-propagate woody ornamental plants, including oaks, birch, magnolia, and maple have been a large part of Eric's business life. (He has patented the first three clonal oaks, as well as many important ornamental tree and shrub selections.) Eric continues to work on new plant introductions and growing techniques but importantly, he remains an avid gardener, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with the GardenSMART audience.

His friendships with innovative breeders and some of the foremost gardeners and growers across the U.S. and Europe open up a whole new world of excellence for GardenSMART's viewers. We are the winners as we visit some of the grandest gardens and impressive growing operations around the world.

From Eric you can learn gardening information in every-day terms. Gardening might not be easy; however, learning how to grow can be uncomplicated. Tune in each week as Eric Johnson shares his knowledge in easy-to-understand language with the GardenSMART audience.

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Dr. Rick - Richard Ludwig, Ed.

Richard Ludwig, Ed.D. is a career educator with over 30 years experience in teaching and public speaking. Importantly, he is a knowledgeable, hands-in-the-dirt gardener whose mantra could easily be "How does your garden grow." Dr. Rick is always looking for new - gardening ideas, plants, trends and designs; not the latest fad but common-sense, practical gardening ideas.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Rick has been the program director at one of the larger collegiate horticulture programs in the South. His many awards include Outstanding Educator, Excellence in Education, Green Industry Educator of the Year and more. He has authored a collegiate text on Landscape Design and is currently working on a second book that will demystify the "hot" topic - Practical Green Landscape Design.

Joining Dr. Rick this season will be Joe Lamp'l.

Joe Lamp'l, a.k.a joe gardener® is a Master Gardener and Certified Landscape Professional. Joe�s passion for gardening began during childhood and is still very evident today. Joe is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of two books; Over the Fence with joe gardener and, The Green Gardeners Guide; simple actions to protect & preserve the planet.

Joe�s passion for gardening began during childhood and is still very evident today. Each week with Joe is like a visit with joe gardener � the gardener next door.

Whether visiting an exquisite resort on the East Coast or a bulb farm on the West Coast or interesting gardens in between, Eric, Rick and Joe have the ability to make complex gardening issues simple, interesting and easy to implement. All are avid gardeners and each week answer those questions you've been wanting to ask.


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