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GardenSMART :: Top 10 Reasons to Love Encore Azaleas

Top 10 Reasons to Love Encore Azaleas

By Encore Azaleas
Photographs courtesy of Encore Azaleas

Around here, we eat, breathe and sleep Encore Azaleas. But in this case, familiarity only breeds more devotion. After all, it's pretty hard not to love an evergreen beauty that graces our gardens with three seasons of vibrant blooms, offers winter interest, and is a cinch to care for. We think you agree, since Encore Azalea is the world's best-selling, multi-season blooming azalea. Here are 10 reasons why.

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1. Encore® Azaleas flower in spring, summer and fall. Traditional azaleas are finished after their spring blooms, but Encore® continues to brighten landscapes with striking color and lush foliage, season after season.

2. Encore® Azaleas are suitable for all landscapes. With dwarf varieties growing from 2-3 feet tall x 3-4 feet wide, and intermediate varieties that can be easily maintained at 4-5 feet tall x 3-4 feet wide, there is an Encore® to fit any space.

3. Encore® Azaleas are low maintenance. They require no deadheading and little pruning to retain good form. If pruning is desired, execute a single pruning immediately after the spring flush of blooms.

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4. Encore® Azaleas are stunning. With an array of hues ranging from pastel pink to rich coral to jewel-toned purple and red, each bloom will enliven the landscape.

5. Encore® Azaleas are attractive to pollinators. Butterflies and hummingbirds love their vibrant color and funnel shaped blooms.

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6. Encore® Azaleas accept more sun than regular azaleas. In fact, they need at least 4-6 hours of sun daily for optimum performance. Morning sun is ideal.

7. Encore® Azaleas are versatile. They work well as foundation plants, as hedges and as specimens. They are a visual treat when planted en masse.

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8. Encore® Azaleas are excellent container plants. They thrive in pots and can be brought indoors for the winter, offering fresh options for holiday décor.

9. Encore® Azaleas are evergreen. When not in bloom, they provide structure and form, with some varieties also offering winter interest in the form of rich bronze or purple leaves.

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10. Encore® Azaleas enrich garden designs, combining well with other plants. Landscape options become easy and eye-catching when including Encore® Azaleas.


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