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GardenSMART :: Taking Indoor Trends Outside

Taking Indoor Trends Outside

By T.K. Wismer, Blue Oak
Images courtesy of Blue Oak

A new year means a new season of design, and many of the trends that we see developed for our indoor rooms can easily be translated to our outdoor spaces. Here is a run-down on how to take some of those indoor trends outside.

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Darker, Moodier Spaces

People are starting to embrace the drama of darker tones. From wall covering, to appliances, furniture, and fabrics, dark tones are popping up everywhere. How does this trend translate to the full light of your outdoor setting? Look for finishes and details that pull in deep dramatic tones like black, charcoal gray, and navy.

Furniture is a great way to add an elegant and dramatic feature to any setting. The dark, natural stone tabletops seen here in the Saylor Collection have a grounding effect with classic appeal and high functionality, while the soft charcoal finish draws your eye to the architectural details of the frames. This set is sure to draw attention.

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Plants can also be a great way to introduce deeper tones to your outdoors. Look for varieties like Coleus, Purple Shamrock, and Black Mondo Grass to add depth and interest to your beds and pots.

Hardscapes are yet another way to punch up the drama. Try mixing dark gray river rock or stepping stones into your design for a modern on-trend look.

Sustainable Design

One of the big trends in indoor furnishings is an oldie but a goodie. Our parents, grandparents, and generations before embraced the idea of buying things that were built to last. If your TV was not working properly, you called a television repair shop and someone came to service your set. Furniture lasted and was passed down for generations.

Over the past few decades we came to almost expect to have to replace items often and would sometimes sacrifice quality to adhere to a budget, but people are growing weary of excess and waste and are looking to invest in quality pieces that are built to last.

This trend holds true in outdoor furnishings as well, an area where quality designs and materials matter all the more to withstand harsh elements. Ergonomic designs, rustproof frames, and solution-dyed fabrics are a few of the features that consumers are looking for when they shop for the outdoor room, and the companies that embrace these design ideals are expected to lead the pack. See Shopping Guide.

Customizable Designs

Social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram have added additional avenues for exposure to design inspirations. Trends take off quickly and resources like online stores and Amazon make it possible to own those trends at a rapid pace.

With all of these new tools, consumers are able to really home in on what suits their personal tastes and create a unique style identity through customizable pieces. Indoor furniture is offered in a variety of finishes and upholstery, while accessories and accents create even more opportunities for customized looks.

Outdoor furniture is also riding the customizable wave with numerous new finishes and fabric choices hitting the market. Coordinating toss pillows, rugs, and accessories are also great ways to customize your patio. With all of these choices, it is important to strike the right balance, a topic covered previously in our blog here.

More to Come:  We are setting off on a Trend Tour this month, attending shows in the U.S., Germany, and France, so be sure to check back for a list of new and exciting design trends!


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