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Prepare Fire Pit and Outdoor Living Spaces for Fall

Prepare Fire Pit and Outdoor Living Spaces for Fall

By Leroy Hite, Cutting Edge Firewood
Photograph courtesy of Cutting Edge Firewood

With fall quickly approaching, September is the perfect time to prep your outdoor living spaces and firepit for the cooler weather ahead. Whether you have a permanent pit or a portable pit, prepare ahead of time with my top five tips.

Clean your firepit. Clean your firepit for the best and brightest fall fires. Firepits will attract dirt and debris if left unused over the spring and summer months. Regardless of the type of firepit you own, use a broom or rake to scoop out any remaining ash, dead foliage or any other debris that has collected in the firepit. A clean firepit makes for a better fire because you’ve removed anything that can burn smoky or cloudy.

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Adjust or upgrade seating. Cool fall nights are ideal for sitting and relaxing outdoors. Are your chairs and seating welcoming and in great shape? While no piece of outdoor furniture lasts forever, check furniture and replace those pieces that are physically worn to the point where it’s no longer functional or attractive. Freshen chairs or chair pads with a deep fall color to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Position chairs in a circle around your firepit as a focal point – my rule of thumb is to place them at least three feet away from the pit.

Add cozy throws or blankets. Adding a cozy throw or blanket can introduce color and improve comfort for your family and friends on nights that get a little extra chilly. Choose a throw that can stand up to outdoor use, such as those made from wool or other water-resistant materials that can withstand rain and humidity.

Stock up on firewood. Make sure to stock up on firewood for fall outdoor gatherings. Don’t simply burn pieces of wood you find lying around your property, because unless it’s dry, it will produce lots of thick and unpleasant smoke when burned. Instead seek a kiln-dried hardwood variety of firewood. Hardwood is denser than softwood, making it ideal for firewood. It contains more organic matter, which means more “stuff” for the fire to burn. The result is exceptionally high-quality firewood that’s easy to light, burns clean and produces lots of heat.

Keep firewood stacked and orderly. Stack your firewood in style with the many options available online via Amazon or with a quick Google search for firewood storage. From iron racks, to gunmetal, to stylish huts, there are dozens of ways to hold your firewood and supplies in a tidy and smart style.

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