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Pearl�s Garden Article

PEARL�S GARDENBoulders and berms give substance and change to Pearl�s garden.She built the berms herself using debris from other worksites that would have ended up in landfills.She tops these mounds with compost and then plants them.��


She loves the outdoors and built her garden using the windows from inside her house as frames for the areas she first worked on outside.Now she has pleasing vistas to look at from indoors when the weather outdoors is frightful.


Pearl lives on the south-facing side of a mountain outside Vail, Colorado.She has fun with her gardening and counsels all of us to have fun with our gardens, too.

Anne K Moore
Photo by Anne K Moore



Gardening is fun.You can just follow your heart and be creative.


I like to start a garden at a pleasing place from the house and then let the garden flow to the farthest location and blend it into the environment or have room for tall growth to hide something.


It adds interest to the garden to have some elevation changes, even if it is a few sloping mounds that change the contour.


Rocks are fun to work with, too.They add interest and help create elevation changes.It is best to stay with rocks of the same color.Make a gradual sloping mound, incorporate a large rock, and add soil around the rock so it has a settled look.Maybe, add one or two smaller rocks and add more soil.Then add plants.Don�t have the plants too large in width or height.They will hide the rocks and the elevation changes.


It is fun to look out from the house and enjoy your garden in the late fall, winter and early spring as well as in the summer.


Evergreens, trees, shrubs, birdhouses, wooden snags, rocks, window boxes and patio pots filled with boughs, branches, and berries, even wall art, all help.Keeps the garden interesting for the dormant seasons.


Secret gardens create interest in your summer garden.Make a path going behind your front or side garden.The path can go behind an evergreen, or a bush or two to a small hidden garden.This secret garden could have a bench for meditation or resting.A bog, cactus garden, water container for birds or a flower garden with a color theme can be other secret gardens.Then have the path continue back to the main garden.


Have fun gardening.



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