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OREGON® Cordless Tool System

According to Josh Huffman, Business Segment Director for the OREGON® Cordless Tool System line, “We launched our 40V Cordless Tool System with the purpose of offering consumers an alternative to the hassles of gasoline (and) with the performance to do the job.” With no cords to tangle and no gas to slosh, the OREGON® Cordless Tool System line requires less maintenance than any gas-powered equipment.

All of the tools are ergonomically balanced to help you work longer and stronger without your hands and arms giving out before your work is complete. One of the most wanted elements is the instant start. You cannot appreciate this feature until you have pulled a rope cord over and over, with only a sputter to keep you trying; wearing out your arm before you can lift the tool.

Just charge the battery and these tools are ready to go when you are. If you keep an extra battery on hand, you can switch out a drained battery for a charged one in minutes and be ready to continue a large job. The lithium ion 40V MAX* battery pack, with its high capacity cells, holds its charge for months on the shelf. In fact, now through December 31, 2014 anyone who purchases a tool kit is eligible to receive a free extra 1.25 Ah battery pack via mail-in rebate.

The 40V MAX* Lithium Ion batteries are interchangeable with all of the OREGON cordless tools.

PowerSharp® is the OREGON integrated precision saw chain-sharpening system, which sharpens the OREGON® 40V MAX* Chain Saw CS250 chain in 3 to 5 seconds. With its advanced ergonomics, it is easier to use. With no gasoline on board there are no fumes or emissions to choke you or the atmosphere. It is much quieter when you are cutting and silent between cuts. It’s also safer to use since you can start and stop it easily between jobs.

OREGON® 40V MAX* Cordless Pole Saw PS250 extends from seven feet three inches to ten feet four inches. The OREGON Pole Saw is built with balance in mind, making the long stretch of the pole saw easy to use as you cut those hang-down limbs.

With the OREGON® 40V MAX* Cordless Hedge Trimmer you can create sweeping curves or straight lines as you trim. Its 24-inch dual-action blades reduce vibration and its 8.8-pound weight is ergonomically balanced so it won’t wear you out.

The OREGON Cordless ST275 Trimmer-Edger is ergonomically engineered to be light-weight & balanced for comfort & control. Its variable speed throttle increases control and run time. Its advanced cutting system quickly converts from a trimmer to an edger, using the OREGON Swift Load trimmer head with a reliable bump feed line advancement and dual lines for faster cutting.

Since OREGON Cordless tools require no gasoline, there is no fuel to spill or burn, which helps to make these tools non-polluting. OREGON Cordless tools are lighter, easier to use, well balanced, quiet, and operate with interchangeable batteries. Firing up is a dream with the push button instant start; no gas cans, no oil to mix, no ropes to pull.

Safety is a key factor when using any cutting power tool. You shouldn't walk from one job to the next with running cutting blades at your side. Since you do not have to use a pull-cord, just pull a trigger, you can stop and start any of the OREGON® Cordless Tools with ease. The instant start and stop keeps you in better control and safer between jobs.

You will appreciate the comfort and ease of use of any in the line from the OREGON® Cordless Tool System. OREGON Tools are available online and at OREGON authorized dealers. Visit the OREGON Cordless Tools website, click on the Retailers button at the top of the page, then click on either the Authorized Internet Retailers button to see a list of websites or click on the Authorized Dealers button, enter you zip code, and the closest retail stores will pop up. To learn how to get the free extra 1.25 Ah battery pack, and to see what other Oregon cordless tools are available, go to

*Fully charged battery voltage measured without a workload is 40 volts. Nominal voltage is 36 or 37 depending on battery used.

Posted August 8, 2014

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