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How To Create Custom Cornhole Boards

How To Create Custom Cornhole Boards

By Sherwin-Williams
Photographs courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Cornhole is a crowd favorite for tailgates, BBQs and backyard parties. Add some personality to this summertime classic by customizing your boards with pops of color.

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Supplies For This Project

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Choose Color with Confidence

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1. Wash the boards thoroughly and sand the surfaces with a sanding sponge to smooth out the wood.

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2. Prime your boards to ensure a smooth finish. Use Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer for your boards, and remember to give the paint a good stir before pouring it into a tray. We used white straight from the can for our primer.

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3. Paint two coats of Sherwin-Williams All Surface Latex Enamel and for your base color Olympus White SW 6253. Let the first coat dry according to the can, then apply the second. Once the second coat is applied, let the boards dry overnight.

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4. Measure and mark your design with a pencil. Use ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to create an outline and ensure clean lines. We went with a simple, two-tone, chevron-inspired design.

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5. Apply the first coat using Sherwin-Williams All Surface Latex Enamel for the accent colors of your design. We used an angled Purdy brush to keep our lines clean. Let the first coat dry for the time listed on the can, then apply your second coat.

Tip: For best results, remove the tape while the second coat is still tacky. If you decide to remove the tape after the paint has dried, you may want to use a craft knife and a straight edge to score the line before pulling the tape.

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6. Let the boards dry overnight, then grab some friends and toss some bags!

Always clean your brushes for future use. Learn how to properly store and dispose of paint here.

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