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Anne K Moore
Photographs by Anne Moore

The grassy pathway beckons visitors. What lies beyond the curve? The crisp edges add to the definition of the grass, and it would take an especially preoccupied visitor to stray from the lawn into the beds. Would this scene be as peaceful, not to mention beautiful, if it didn’t have the crisp edges to the lawn and ample wide beds covered in mulch?

You can define all of your edges easily with the battery operated Oregon ST250 40V MAX Trimmer/Edger. You can trim and edge the grass borders, flower borders, even your garden paths and walkways to give a neat and finished look to your yard while not having to worry about dragging a cord along with you.

If you are an early riser and love to get busy outdoors before the sun heats up the land, you can use the Oregon ST250 40V MAX Trimmer/Edger without fear of waking the sleepyheads in your house or the neighborhood. Gone is the roar of the power tool. This battery-operated trimmer/edger is 4 times quieter than a gas powered trimmer/edger and is silent between trims.

The Oregon Trimmer/Edger is ergonomically designed with a wide handle and a well-balanced body. It will help you fight fatigue so that after your early morning cleanup, you are still ready and able to tackle other chores or to swing on the golf course.

Now for some of the technical stuff: The Oregon ST250 40V MAX Trimmer/Edger is loaded with a 40 volt MAX lithium ion powered battery. It holds a charge for a long run time and supplies constant no-fade power to the string trimmer. The tool is easy to start with the flick of a switch, no rope pulling, oil mixing, or gassing up before you can get started. You can change the head easily from trim to edge with a pull down guide for clear-cut edging. The dual advanced Platinum Gatorlines make for easy loading and faster cutting.

Oregon Power Tools is introducing an even faster, more powerful tool, the Oregon ST275 40V MAX Trimmer/Edger. It has 50% more torque and power than the ST250 to get you through more rough, demanding tasks in shorter time while delivering the same long-lasting power and ease of conversion from trimmer to edger or vice-versa.

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Posted March 2014

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