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6 Stunning—and Easy-Care—Pothos Varieties

6 Stunning—and Easy-Care—Pothos Varieties

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist
Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the most common houseplants around. It’s no wonder why: Pothos is exceptionally tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, making it easy to enjoy practically anywhere in your home and office. It’s easy to propagate, so you can share (or trade) with friends and family. (This also makes it a great gift or family treasure.) Pothos is quick growing in bright light, so you don’t have to wait to see whether your plant parenting skills are on par. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic—or want to mix it up—here are six fresh takes on old-fashioned golden pothos.

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1. Cebu Blue (E. pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’). This is one of the most sought-after pothos varieties, and it’s no wonder why. Each blue-green leaf has a metallic sheen that almost makes it appear to sparkle. Given time and good growing conditions, the leaves grow and develop monstera-like cuts, making this variety stand out.

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2. Global Green (E. aureum ‘Global Green’, PPAF). A new variety being released in 2022, Global Green features green-on-green variegation. Each leaf is irregularly banded with rich, deep green edges. Occasional flecks or streaks of cream or white add a fun surprise.

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3. Jessenia (E. aureum ‘Jessenia’). Found as a sport of Marble Queen, this unique selection shows off heart-shaped green foliage streaked and splashed in chartreuse. Like most pothos varieties, the more light it gets, the more variegated its leaves appear. In bright, indirect light, Jessenia is a showstopper!

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4. Manjula (E. aureum ‘HANSOTI14', PP27,117). One of the most distinctive pothos around, Manjula bears broader leaves than other varieties and a highly variable variegation pattern. Each leaf is different! Some may be cream, some with streaks and splashes of green; others may have green edges with streaky cream centers. In bright light, the variegation can appear almost white.

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5. Neon (E. aureum ‘Neon’). A favorite of plant parents who like a bold splash of color, Neon pothos shows off bright chartreuse foliage that almost looks like its namesake when compared to common golden pothos.

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6. Pearls and Jade® (E. aureum 'UFM12', PP21,217). Developed and patented by the University of Florida, this lovely pothos bears smaller-than-average creamy white leaves artistically splashed with shades of dark and light green. It’s a perfect foil for other houseplants with dark green foliage like sago palm or Janet Craig dracaena.

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