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GardenSMART :: 10 Cool Life Hacks For Cat Lovers

10 Cool Life Hacks For Cat Lovers

By Fetch! Pet Care
All photos, Bigstock

Admit it, you love your kitty dearly, but are in desperate need of a few tried and true life hacks to make living with her a little bit easier. Don’t feel bad; she feels the exact same way about you. Since you are a guest in her world, we thought we’d share a few life hacks collected by the Fetch! Pet Care team. Each one is designed to help you do the best possible job in keeping her safe and happy.


1. A Few Paw-Some Litter Box Life Hacks

Her Highness has been waiting for you to get this one right, so please listen up. While some cats love to do their business in wide-open spaces, others prefer a little privacy. This is especially important if you have other pets (like nosey dogs) that may like to disturb your feline’s “throne.” These life hacks just might meet her approval:

  • Use an old wicker hamper or a cardboard box and convert it into her private space. One side should be cut out so the Queen will have access to the litter box that you place inside and a hinged lid on top will make it easy for you to access when it is time to scoop.
  • Cut a hole in the side or the top of a large plastic or rubberized storage bin to create a roomy, private place for your kitty to go in peace. The additional room and enclosed space will also minimize (and perhaps even eliminate) the litter she kicks out of the box as she modestly covers her waste.
  • Add a little baking soda to the litter to keep her box smelling as fresh as possible.
  • Rub a little unscented oil on the bottom of her box to stop waste from sticking during cleanup.
  • Has Kitty wandered away from home? Having a difficult time getting her to come back? Leave her litter box on your porch and closely monitor it until she returns to “her special place.”

2.  Protect Your Plants and Your Cat With This Cool Life Hack

As all cat lovers are aware, these curious and territorial pets go where they want to, when they want to and there is no way of stopping them. For those of you with potted plants in the home, there must be a deterrent in place to keep your precious one from moseying up next to them. By making the surface area uncomfortable for her to walk on, she will naturally avoid the area. Achieving this can be as simple as placing pinecones or small branches on top of the plant’s soil.

3. Life Hacks for Ant Problems at Feeding Time

Tired of having to toss your beloved’s food in the trash because ants got to it before she did? Some ants will not cross a chalk barrier, so draw a circle around your cat’s dish to help protect her food from those unwanted, pesky insects.

Notice that we said “some” in the hack just shared. If chalk doesn’t work for your cat food dilemma, place her dish in a small pie tin or tray and cover the bottom of it with water. Not enough water to make her dish float, but just enough to make it impossible for the ants to cross.

If your princess is the sort who likes to lift her food out of the dish and onto the ground before eating... or she simply doesn’t appreciate this genius life hack, no problemo. Just purchase a small plastic or rubberized shelf with legs and place the legs in small bowls of water, instead.


4. Life Hacks for Cat Hair

Brush your cat daily to cut down the amount of fur she sheds.

If she does not appreciate your brush, try a glove with rubber nubs. She will believe that you are petting her, not that you are employing one of your sneaky life hacks to rid her of excess fur.

Even after daily brushing -- or your special brand of petting -- she will still find a way to leave traces of her beautiful fur on furniture, clothing, etc. But by placing a rubber or latex glove on your hand and rubbing it across the surface, fur will be easily attracted to the glove and your cleaning is made much easier. Building a small static charge in the glove, by rubbing it quickly on a carpeted area, attracts even more fur!

5. Bath Time Life Hack

Most cats keep themselves very clean, but there are times when you’ll still need to bathe yours. Save yourself trouble and time by using a sink instead of the bathtub. The smaller space will make this task easier to accomplish with less hassle. We recommend doing this in a bathroom where you can also close the door so that you don’t have far to chase her if she refuses your warm gesture.

6. Down, Kitty, Down!

Tired of trying to convince your cat that every piece of furniture in your home does NOT exist for her lounging or scratching pleasure? Place double-sided tape on furniture and other surfaces that you don’t want her to claim.

7. The Great Pumpkin Life Hack

Some cats love the taste of pumpkin and it’s a good thing that they do, because it has a ton of health benefits for your little sweetie-pie, such as:

  • It helps keep cats hydrated
  • Pumpkin offers a healthy dose of fiber
  • It leaves cats with a “full” feeling and helps them to not overeat
  • Pumpkin helps stop diarrhea and constipation
  • Supplies healthy doses of vitamins and amino acids

Add a little pumpkin to your cat’s diet or use it as a healthy treat. Either way, it is a great and enjoyable way to help her stay healthy. Just be sure to use pure pumpkin, not the kind sold as pie filling or in any other form containing additives that may be harmful to your little one.


8. Create Your Own Treat Toy

We love life hacks that also involve quick and very easy DIY projects. Want to keep your kitty busy while you busy yourself elsewhere? Place a small hole in the side of a used water bottle or plastic Easter egg. Be sure that the sides of the hole can’t harm your kitty (some suggest heating or burning the edges to take away their sharpness). Place a few of your cat’s favorite dry treats inside, seal the container and let her enjoy occupying herself while trying to get the treat out of the toy and into her tummy.

9. Build a Hideaway - No Special Skills Needed

Sometimes you and kitty just need your own space. Most cats even enjoy a small cubby to fall asleep in. With that said, try one of our favorite DIY life hacks which only requires you to use an old t-shirt and two wire hangers to make the coolest kitty tent ever!

10. Cleaning Her “Accidents”

Did Miss Kitty somehow not make it to the litter box in time? Are you worried about how to clean urine stains out of your carpet and eliminate any traces of a scent? Well, we’ve got the life hack of all life hacks for this one! Simply sprinkle baking soda on the wet area, let it absorb all of the moisture and allow the area to dry. Now, sprinkle more baking soda on top of the area again to absorb the lingering odor. Allow the baking soda to sit for at least 15 minutes or more and then vacuum it all away. Voila, accident and smell are both just a memory!


Share Your Cat-Lovin’ Life Hacks

Which of these life hacks have you used in the past? Which one has completely transformed your or your kitty’s world? For questions about the ones shared with you today (or for more “cateriffic” kitty content), please visit the Fetch Pet Care blog.  

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